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Prepositions and adverbs

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1. He has been working here 2014.

2. I'll be away at the conference a week.

3. If Morris telephones my absence, tell him l'll be in New York in good time for the meeting.

4. The production of the parts should be finished the end of the week.

5. We placed the order two weeks

6. He worked as a maintenance fitter 2008. Then he was promoted and became the new foreman..

7. I'm phoning to check whether the samples have arrived .

8. We've had flexitime here the last two years..

9. If we leave now, we'll be at the station the time he arrives.

10. Sales have increased rapidly the end of last year.

11. He left the company ten years to emigrate to Canada.

12. Bill has been in Paris for two days, and we've had no report from him yet. If we don't hear from him the end of the week, he'll be in trouble.

13. Would you like to wait here he comes?

14. I met him the trade fair in Hannover.

15. If you forget to take your key, you'll have to be back at the hotel midnight, otherwise you won't be able to get in.

16.The last person he expected to meet his holidays was his boss.

17. I asked him a couple of days ago to confirm that delivery would be the end of the month.

18. We must remind you that payment has been overdue two weeks.

19. Our Sales Director is in London at the moment, and will be staying there next Wednesday.

20.Why has the new price list not been printed ?