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A sales outlet

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In the mail order and online retailing businesses, the customer orders either from a or in answer to an advertisement in a newspaper, a magazine or an internet website. The majority of the firms who sell in this way do not shops and thus do not have to shop assistants or to expensive in the city centres.
If catalogues are used they are either available online or are sent directly to the customers by post or via agents located throughout the country. Many of these agents are housewives, who work in their time. They get on the sales they make.
Although most firms offer express delivery, one of the disadvantages of mail order and online shopping is that they are slower than direct buying. The customer has to wait until the goods are packed and . Most mail order companies and e-commerce firms offer a money guarantee if the customer is not satisfied with the goods, and credit to enable customers to buy things they might otherwise never be able to afford.